How Do You Treat a Pulled Hamstring?


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A pulled hamstring should be treated by resting the leg, taking over-the-counter pain medications to help with inflammation and using ice packs regularly reports Mayo Clinic. While some people might believe that they need to have more extensive treatment, most pulled hamstrings can be healed at home.

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How Do You Treat a Pulled Hamstring?
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When the situation cannot be healed at home, it is usually because the pain has not gone away after several days or symptoms have continued to worsen according to WebMD. When this occurs, surgery is usually needed to repair the pulled muscle. In fact, it may turn out that the pulled muscle was actually torn. If the muscle was torn then recovery time will stretch from several days to several months reports the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The common symptoms of a pulled hamstring muscle are tenderness, bruising, pain and a popping sensation.

The hamstring muscle is located on the back of a person's thigh and is often pulled during sporting activities. Many people who participate in sports that ask them to shift directions quickly or to stop quickly are more prone to injury with the hamstring muscles such as basketball, soccer, tennis or football according to Mayo Clinic. To prevent future injuries and pulled hamstring muscles, WebMD recommends that all people warm up as well as stretch when they intend to exercise.

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