How Do You Treat Puffy Eyelids?


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Individuals with puffy eyelids can apply ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams and cucumbers to the affected area to minimize the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness, as stated by EyeHealthWeb.com. Increasing water intake, avoiding salt, getting more sleep and avoiding artificial sweeteners also help reduce puffiness.

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Gently tapping puffy eyelids releases and drains the fluid buildup, and consuming more fatty acids, such as fatty fish or flax seed, reduces the appearance and swelling of puffy eyelids, as indicated by EyeHealthWeb.com. Puffy eyelids due to an eye infection, stye or eye injury may require treatment with prescription eye drops or antibiotics in consultation with a medical professional. I most cases eyelid puffiness is only temporary and resolves within minutes or hours on its own or with home treatments.

A variety of lifestyle factors, such as age, crying, lack of sleep, make-up or contact lenses, cause puffy eyelids, explains EyeHealthWeb.com. Individuals with a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, high blood pressure, fluid retention or allergies and dermatitis may also experience puffiness on and around the eyelids. Environmental irritants can cause the eyelids to become puffy as can too much salt and artificial sweeteners within the diet. Dehydration and certain medications can cause the eyelids to swell, too.

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