How Do You Treat a Pinched Neck Nerve?


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Treatment for a pinched neck nerve can include resting the injured area, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injections, depending on the severity of the symptoms, according to WebMD. Physical therapy helps to strengthen and stretch muscles, while sometimes a splint is required to rest the neck muscles for brief periods.

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How Do You Treat a Pinched Neck Nerve?
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Resting and avoiding activities that worsen symptoms often alleviates discomfort from a pinched neck nerve, as noted by WebMD. When symptoms persist, medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen may reduce swelling, and oral corticosteroids reduce swelling and pain. A doctor may want to administer steroid injections to allow inflamed nerves to recover. Narcotics may be prescribed to reduce severe pain.

A soft collar or splint helps the muscles rest by limiting motion. Patients who don't respond to other treatments may require surgery. If symptoms and pain persist, it is important to see a doctor. Scar tissue, disc material and pieces of bone may be pressing on a nerve in the neck. Damage from a pinched nerve can cause temporary or long-term effects, depending on the severity. In some cases, the damage cannot be reversed from a pinched nerve. It is important not to ignore the warning signals of inflammation, pressure and pain.

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