How Do You Treat Pain in the Lower Back?


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Treatment options for lower back pain may include rest, exercise, medications, chiropractic manipulation, epidural steroid injections, and heat and ice applications, according to Spine-health. In cases of severe pain, doctors may recommends surgery.

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How Do You Treat Pain in the Lower Back?
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Ceasing normal activities for several days may give tissue and nerve roots in the lower back time to heal, as Spine-health explains. Patients may also apply a cold or hot pack to the area to reduce inflammation, and they may also take prescription and over-the-counter medications to inhibit the transmission of pain signals to the brain or to reduce inflammation. Nearly every successful treatment plan for lower back pain includes exercise to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles that support the spine. These include stretching, aerobic exercises and strength-building exercises, and they may be performed with the help of a chiropractor, physiatrist or physical therapist.

Epidural steroid injections often provide temporary pain relief to allow patients to exercise and heal, Spine-health indicates. Most cases of lower back pain are resolved within six weeks of treatment. If all non-surgical methods are unsuccessful, doctors may recommend a microdiscectomy, laminectomy or fusion surgery. Although these procedures are often effective in providing pain relief, patients should discuss the pros and cons with a physician before committing to the surgery.

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