How Do You Treat Pain in the Head on the Right Side?

Treatment for pain on the right side of the head depends on whether it is a migraine, a cluster headache, a chronic daily headache or a more serious problem, according to Mayo Clinic. Treatments for migraines focus on relieving the symptoms and preventing future attacks. Treatments for cluster headaches, which usually affect men and smokers, include nasal sprays, oxygen and fast-acting medications. Headaches with other symptoms, such as dizziness, sudden weakness, double vision or fever, require immediate medical care.

Medications to stop migraine pain once it has started include Imitrex, Zolmig, Axert and other triptans. Triptans target serotonin, which causes inflammation that results in pulsating pain, notes WebMD. Migraine sufferers may take Reglan or Compazine to alleviate the nausea and over-the-counter drugs such as Advil Migraine or Excedrin migraine to further reduce the pain. Non-drug remedies include lying down in a dark, quiet room and applying hot or cold compresses to the neck and head. Other treatments for migraines aim to prevent them by identifying the triggers, such as high blood pressure, stress or certain foods, and treating or avoiding them.

Cluster headaches differ from migraines in that they begin quickly, last for three hours at most and disappear quickly, explains Mayo Clinic. They often occur behind one eye and around the same times each day. Chronic daily headaches occur 15 or more days a month, and treatment involves either alleviating the underlying health condition or taking preventative medication.