How Do You Treat Pain in the Arm Muscle?


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Individuals can use the RICE method (rest, ice, compression and elevation) to treat most cases of arm and arm muscle pain, according to Mayo Clinic. Most cases of arm pain improve without medical treatment, but a medical visit may be necessary for severe injuries or pain.

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How Do You Treat Pain in the Arm Muscle?
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It is ideal to begin the RICE treatment within 48 hours of arm injury or pain, notes Mayo Clinic. The first part of the treatment involves rest, including breaks from normal activities, such as work. Individuals should ice the injured or painful areas by placing an ice pack on the area three times a day in 15- to 20-minute intervals. The arm should be wrapped in a compression bandage and elevated as much as possible if swelling is present.

If arm pain does not subside or improve after several days of home treatment, a medical visit is recommended. Individuals should also schedule a medical exam if there is increased pain, swelling or redness in the areas. An immediate medical visit is recommended if the arm pain is severe or there are difficulties involving normal arm movements, notes Mayo Clinic. Sudden injuries with a snap or cracking sound should also merit an immediate medical visit.

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