How Do You Treat an Ocular Migraine Without Medicine?


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The best way to treat ocular migraines without medication is preventatively through lifestyle and diet changes, according to All About Vision. Many medications can be taken after the onset of an ocular migraine to relieve it, but lifestyle changes can result in stopping ocular migraines before they occur.

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Ocular migraines are a painless, temporary visual disturbance that can affect one or both eyes, as stated by All About Vision. While this is usually disconcerting to sufferers, ocular migraines typically only last 20 to 30 minutes. When these visual disturbances are accompanied by a throbbing headache, usually localized to one side of the head, they are referred to as migraines with aura.

About 70 percent of migraine sufferers have a genetic history of migraines within their family, according to All About Vision. Most sufferers begin to have migraines when they hit puberty, and migraines affect nearly three times as many women as men.

All About Vision recommends keeping a journal of diet and exercise to look for links to ocular migraine days. Often, prevention of migraines can be as simple eating healthful meals at regular intervals, getting plenty of sleep and avoiding common stress triggers, as stated by All About Vision.

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