How Do You Treat Nose Bleeds With Blood Clots?

Treat nosebleeds with blood clots by pinching the nostrils together with the index finger and the thumb for approximately 10 minutes, recommends WebMD. Remain calm and sit up straight to help naturally stop the flow of blood from the nostrils by holding a tissue to the nose.

Nosebleeds that naturally clot may not require treatment, explains WebMD. The clot forms within the nasal cavity and stops further bleeding. Nosebleeds that are caused by a blood vessel may require a physician to seal the blood vessel with silver nitrate as an in-office procedure.

Serious nosebleeds that continue bleeding often require nasal packing to provide relief from the constant bleeding, according to WebMD. Nasal packing puts pressure on the nostril from the inside of the nose to reduce and stop bleeding. Some patients opt to apply petroleum jelly to the inside of the nose to moisten the nostrils. Physicians commonly recommend leaving nasal packing in place for 24 to 72 hours.

Nosebleeds that do not clot or stop bleeding on their own may require immediate medical attention at a hospital, explains WebMD. Physicians typically insert balloon packs that can cause discomfort and the need for pain medication when the nosebleed is deemed as posterior. Consult with a physician if an infection develops or breathing becomes difficult when posterior packing is inserted to stop nosebleeds.