How Do You Treat Nerve Pain Following a Laminectomy?


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To treat nerve pain following a laminectomy, patients often take strong medications, such as opiates or narcotics, according to WebMD. The pain for most patients is significant, but most patients can stop taking the medication about two weeks following the surgery.

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Following a laminectomy, patients also must also refrain from activities that involve stooping, bending or lifting, explains WebMD. Patients should also keep the site of the incision dry and clean and ask doctors about proper bathing and showering techniques. Patients may require assistance with walking and getting in and out of bed in the days following surgery. Also, patients must avoid long car rides or flights, as this can promote blood clots. If traveling is necessary, patients should stand and walk around once an hour or so.

People who undergo a minor laminectomy may return to work and light activity within a few days, states WebMD. Those who had a laminectomy with a spinal fusion may have a longer recovery time, up to four months. To promote healing, doctors advise that patients do not return to bending or lifting for a few months, but as soon as possible, they should begin light walking and physical therapy. Most people do not know how well the laminectomy works until about six weeks following surgery.

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