How Do You Treat Narcissim?

Narcissism that is a part of narcissistic personality disorder should be treated through psychotherapy, as there are not any medications designed to help those with the condition, reports MayoClinic. Psychotherapy (also known as talk therapy) is a treatment modality that involves a therapist and a patient speaking with one another at great length in a private environment. It can take several years to see consistent improvements, even with professional help, as the very nature of a narcissistic personality disorder involves innate traits that can be difficult to change.

Treatment with a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist will help a person with narcissistic personality disorder to learn how to maintain personal relationships, as well get along with coworkers, notes the Mayo Clinic. It will also help them to recognize their true self in all of their successes and faults, and give them a more empathetic view of other people, along with a greater ability to cope with extreme feelings.

Those with a narcissistic personality disorder are unusually and intensely focused on themselves, according to WebMD. They admire and love themselves to an exaggerated extent and also have a distorted view of who they are. However, underneath this exterior, people with narcissistic personality disorder are often insecure and have poor self-esteem, and use their narcissism as a way to mask those emotions. They also typically lack empathy because they do not focus much on other people.