How Do You Treat Muscle Damage From Statins?


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Supplementation with CoQ10 reduces muscle breakdown and pain associated with statin use, reports the American Journal of Cardiology. Statins reduce the amount of CoQ10 naturally produced by the body, and thus supplementation with CoQ10 reduces many of the side effects of statin use, adds Healthline.

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The use of statins to treat cholesterol levels causes several potentially serious side effects, reports Healthline. In addition to elevated blood sugar, liver and kidney damage, and diarrhea, statins cause increased levels of muscle break down and pain. A severe condition, known as rhabdomyolysis can occur when taking statins, and is characterized by rapid breakdown of muscle tissue. This rapid influx of protein into the blood stream stresses the kidneys as well. However, a study by the American Journal of Cardiology proves that supplementation with CoQ10 reduces muscle breakdown and pain caused by statin use.

This is not entirely surprising, as statins lower the amount of CoQ10 present in the body, adds Healthline. By supplementing with CoQ10, the side effects of statins are greatly reduced. For example, CoQ10 can help lower high blood sugar associated with statin use. In addition, CoQ10 has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, and allows patients to use lower dosages of statins to treat their condition.

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