How Do You Treat Mouth Warts?


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Treatment for oral warts include freezing, removing the wart surgically, laser treatments or injections, according to UK Health Centre. Most online sources discourage self-treatment of warts appearing on the face or in the mouth and recommend seeing a doctor, especially if the affected person also suffers from diabetes or another condition.

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Freezing, called cryotherapy, uses nitrous oxide or liquid nitrogen to remove the wart, explains UK Health Centre. Laser surgery uses an intense beam of light on the blood vessels inside an oral wart. The laser makes the blood inside the wart boil, sealing the wart. Injection therapy uses Interferon Alpha, which triggers an immune response against the mouth warts and eliminates them. Traditional wart therapies include topical gels or creams, but these are not effective on oral warts because the mouth tends to have a high sensitivity to chemicals. Also, warts can be difficult to reach inside the mouth.

Oral warts are highly treatable and usually benign, caused by the human papilloma virus, or HPV. Oral warts, called squamous papilloma, may occur anywhere in the mouth, states Clinical Advisor. They are usually lesions with a rough surface, resembling a cauliflower, although UK Health Centre advises that they may also be white, dome-shaped or flat-topped, or the same color as the inside of the mouth.

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