How Do You Treat Mouth Sores Caused by Chemo?


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To treat mouth sores caused by chemotherapy, doctors may recommend coating medications, topical pain killers or a numbing mouthwash solution. To decrease pain associated with eating if painful mouth sores are present, there are medications that coat or form a protective film for the mouth's lining, as noted by Mayo Clinic. In addition to any prescription medications a doctor may prescribe, he may also recommend certain home care practices to minimize mouth sore pain.

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Another way to treat these types of mouth sores, a condition called mucositis, requires the application of topical painkillers on the mouth sores that act as numbing substances. Additionally, doctors may also prescribe a mouthwash solution that contains lidocaine, as noted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Patients may also need an oral analgesic for pain.

To further cope with mouth sores, doctors can recommend that patients do not use mouthwash with alcohol and rinse the mouth with a mixture of baking soda and water a few times a day, notes Mayo Clinic. Another mouth rinse may contain equal parts of salt and baking soda mixed with warm water. To prevent irritating mouth sores, some other recommendations can be to avoiding foods that are acidic or too spicy, brush the teeth gently and eat soft foods, states MedicineNet. Foods should be cold or at room temperature. Additionally, if it is too painful to brush the teeth, then a foaming swab or toothette may be useful.

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