How Do You Treat a Mosquito Bite?

treat-mosquito-bite Credit: Oxford Scientific/Photodisc/Getty Images

A person can treat a mosquito bite by washing the area, applying calamine lotion, placing ice on the bite and taking an antihistamine. Mosquito bites are characterized by itchy bumps that appear on the skin. The bites are usually harmless, but at times they can lead to redness, swelling and soreness, as stated by Mayo Clinic. This condition can be referred to as skeeter syndrome, which mostly affects children.

Some mosquito bites may not cause serious symptoms, so they can be treated without seeking medical attention. Applying anti-itch cream helps to stop the itching. Placing ice on the bite helps to reduce swelling and itching. Antihistamines help to inhibit the receptors of histamine in the body. If the bite leads to serious symptoms, it is wise to visit a doctor.

People who have never been bitten before by a mosquito may not identify the symptoms of a mosquito bite easily. Some of the symptoms include dark spots, swelling, hard and itchy bumps, puffy bumps and small blisters. People with immune problems may experience hives, fever, swollen lymph nodes and redness after the bite. Mosquitoes can be avoided by wearing long pants, applying picaridin to exposed skin and getting rid of stagnant water, as stated by WebMD.