How Do You Treat a Male With Blood in His Urine?


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The treatment for a male with blood in the urine depends on what is causing the condition and may include antibiotics, surgery or shock wave therapy, according to Mayo Clinic. Some of the causes of blood in the urine include infections, kidney or bladder stones, an enlarged prostate, kidney disease and cancer.

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Kidney and urinary tract infections are common causes for blood in the urine, and these conditions usually occur due to the presence of bacteria in the urethra, explains Mayo Clinic. In a urinary tract infection, the bacteria usually settles into or around the bladder. In a kidney infection, the bacteria comes either from the bloodstream or through the ureters.

Kidney and bladder stones may also form and cause blood in the urine, states Mayo Clinic. In this case, small crystals that form on the walls of the organs over time can become hard stones. These may pass easily, or the stones may cause a blockage. The pain is excruciating, and people often see blood in the urine due to this condition.

An enlarged prostate may cause blood in the urine, claims Mayo Clinic. As the prostate gland grows, it pushes on the urethra and blocks the flow of urine; due to this blockage, a man may notice blood. Blood in the urine is also a common symptom of both kidney disease and cancer of the bladder, kidney or prostate.

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