How Do You Treat Lupus Skin Rashes?


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To treat lupus skin rashes, avoid the sun, use corticosteroid cream, and take antimalarial medicines, according to WebMD. Doctors also advise patients with a rash from lupus to use low-dose corticosteroids. For more-severe rashes, corticosteroids in higher doses or immunosuppressants, which slows the immune system, may also work.

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Since lupus can flare up at any time, it is important that patients do self-care at home in addition to medical treatments, explains WebMD. One of the treatments a person must do is to control stress. When stress is high, the rashes appear more easily. Some of the stress relievers doctors suggest for lupus sufferers include exercise, meditation and yoga.

Doctors also suggest avoiding the sun, as ultraviolet rays can trigger rashes, states WebMD. The exposure to the sun can also trigger fatigue and joint pain, or can make these symptoms worse. Avoiding the sun is imperative, and if going out in the sun is necessary, a patient must wear a hat, cover the skin, and wear sunscreen with at least 50 Sun Protection Factor. Since sunscreen may irritate the skin, it is advisable for patients to use a formula for sensitive skin. People with lupus must also avoid going out into the sun when the rays are strong, usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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