How Do You Treat Lumps and Bumps Under the Skin?

How Do You Treat Lumps and Bumps Under the Skin?

Methods of treating lumps and bumps under the skin include steroid injections, surgical removal and liposuction, claims Healthline. A patient should consult a dermatologist to determine which treatment is appropriate for the specific condition.

Lumps and bumps that have been diagnosed as lipomas or other harmless cysts and growths do not usually cause problems, and thus it is unnecessary to treat them unless they are troubling the individual, claims Healthline. Prior to treatment, a dermatologist should consider the size of the tumors, whether or not they cause pain, their number and the individual's family or personal history related to skin cancer.

Surgical excision is the most common way of removing lumps and bumps that are under the skin, notes Healthline. This method is appropriate for a growing large skin tumor, and recurrences of the tumor after surgical removal are uncommon.

Steroid injections can be applied on the tumors to remove them, suggests Healthline. The lumps and bumps shrink after this therapy, but they are not completely eliminated. Liposuction is another treatment method that can be used to remove or reduce fatty lumps and bumps. The affected area is numbed before liposuction is performed, which requires use of a needle and a large syringe.

Self-treatment of lumps and bumps is highly discouraged, claims MedicineNet. It may worsen the underlying cause of the complication.