How Do You Treat Lower Side Rib Pain?


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To treat lower side rib pain, consult a doctor to diagnose the condition, and follow the doctor's treatment plan, according to Healthline. Lower side rib pain has various causes, including costochondritis, gallstones and asthma, which all have different treatment plans, notes Healthgrades.

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Costochondritis occurs when the cartilage connecting the breastbone is inflamed, explains MedlinePlus. Patients with costochondritis typically experience pain in the chest that gets worse after taking a deep breath. Doctors diagnose patients by physically examining them, and in some cases, order x-rays. Costochondritis usually goes away with time, and treatment involves relieving the symptoms. Pain is alleviated by medications, hot compresses and physical therapy.

Gallstones develop when excess cholesterol builds up in the bile, according to Cleveland Clinic. Symptoms of gallstones include pain in the upper abdomen and jaundice. Patients are diagnosed through various tests, including ultrasounds and abdominal CT scans, and are treated with surgery that involves gallbladder removal and medications that dissolve gallstones.

Asthma is a disease that affects the lungs' airways, in which air cannot move easily through them, notes Healthline. Patients with asthma often experience chest pain, chest tightness, wheezing and shortness of breath. Tests for asthma involve a physical examination, allergy tests and blood tests. Treatment for asthma involves relieving symptoms, as the condition has no cure. Common treatments for asthma symptoms include medications that reduce swelling in the airways.

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