How Do You Treat Lower Back Spasms?


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Treatments for lower back spasms include cold and hot compresses, physical therapy and certain medications, states Healthline. Anti-inflammatory injections may help counter the problem as well.

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Alternating application of cold and hot compresses may alleviate inflammation and boost blood circulation if the spasms occur as a result of an injury, according to Healthline. Physical therapy gives strength to abdominal muscles and the back. Muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs and cortisone injections may help relieve symptoms; however, they may cause certain side effects. A medical examination and imaging tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging, may help provide a diagnosis. X-rays help rule out certain underlying causes, such as bone fracture and arthritis.

To prevent the development of back spasms, wearing shoes with low heels and standing upright strengthens the lower back and gives stability, advises Healthline. Doing strengthening exercises often and losing weight if overweight may help as well. Extended bed rest may worsen the problem.

Injuries to back ligaments, tendons and muscles may give rise to lower back spasms, explains Healthline. Certain physical activities exert too much pressure on the back, straining and injuring the muscles. Twisting the body suddenly may cause the spasms as well. Risk factors include weak abdominal muscles and weak or stiff back muscles.

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