How Do You Treat Lower Abdominal Gas Pain?


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According to Healthline, people suffering with lower abdominal gas pain can treat it by drinking lots of water, taking ibuprofen and eating soft bland foods. Those who suffer from bloating alongside their pain can also take anti-bloating medications, such as digestive enzymes.

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Lower abdominal gas pain involves sharp pains in the lower abdomen, a knotted feeling and tightness. In most cases, it is possible to treat the pain at home. However, the Mayo Clinic states that individuals should see a doctor if the pain is prolonged, accompanied by chest pains or bloody stools, or if it comes with persistent or recurring nausea and vomiting.

To prevent lower abdominal gas pain, avoid artificial sweeteners, drink plenty of water to reduce constipation, eat high-fiber fruits and vegetables to aid digestion and consume several small meals a day rather than eating three large ones. In addition, exercising on a regular basis aids healthy digestion.

Lower abdominal gas pain associated with underlying conditions warrants further medical treatment. This includes antibiotics for infections and interventions for intestinal blockages. The Mayo Clinic notes that rare cases include diverticulitis, which is an intestinal blockage that sometimes requires surgery.

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