How do you treat low blood pressure?


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Low blood pressure can be treated through a change in lifestyle and by adopting a healthy diet. A doctor may give recommendations based on the patient's symptoms. A patient may be required to quit alcohol, avoid heavy lifting, increase the intake of non-alcoholic drinks and regularly exercise. Drinking more water during hot temperatures and increasing the consumption of salt in the diet may also be recommended.

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Visiting a doctor can help ascertain the main cause of the low blood pressure which will allow the doctor to recommend the proper approach. Symptoms, such as light-headedness while standing up from lying down and dizziness, may be due to a condition called postural hypotension.

The medical history of an individual can help in identifying the cause. A physical exam is also necessary to determine a patient's blood pressure response to various positions, such as lying down and standing up. A doctor can carry out an electrocardiogram test to measure the heart rate of the patient, and a blood test is also important to discover whether a person has anemia. If a person needs medication, midodrine and fludrocortisone are often used.

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