How Do You Treat a Loose Tooth?


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Treatment for a loose tooth includes supporting the loose tooth with a splint, wearing a mouth guard or removing the tooth, according to Advanced Dental Care of Austin. Treatment options vary depending on the cause of the loose tooth. Tooth extraction may be necessary in dire situations.

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How Do You Treat a Loose Tooth?
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The splinting process involves the positioning of a resilient splint on either side of the loose tooth to keep it in place, explains Advanced Dental Care of Austin. The dentist uses dental cement to reinforce and secure the splint to the affected tooth to prevent potential movement. By keeping the tooth stable, the splint allows the ligaments to gradually heal by themselves. The healing process typically takes two weeks. If teeth grinding is the cause of the loose tooth, the dentist also provides a mouth guard to protect the teeth. The mouth guard serves as a soft barrier that mitigates the effects of jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

If the tooth is loose due to gum disease, the dentist performs a few sessions of deep cleaning on the teeth to clear out accumulated deposits, states Advanced Dental Care of Austin. The dentist may also prescribe antibiotics or shrink any excessively deep periodontal pockets with medication. In the case of a loose tooth that is beyond repair, the dentist extracts the affected tooth and replaces it with a dental implant, dental bridge or partial denture to preserve the structure of the remaining teeth.

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