How Do You Treat Liver Cancer?


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Liver cancer is usually difficult to detect at its primary stage when it is treatable and even harder to treat when it advances to secondary stage, thus making it difficult to cure. Surgical operation is usually difficult because of the complex networks of bile ducts and blood vessels. Medical treatment for liver cancer is usually focused on improving the life quality of a person.

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Screening for liver cancer is never done routinely, but it can be recommended for patients who are at a higher risk, such as those suffering from chronic hepatitis and hemochromatosis. If the condition is detected early enough, the tumors can be surgically removed. However, most liver cancer cases are inoperable. This is because the condition has advanced or the liver is too damaged to allow a surgical operation. Some patients may undergo chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumors, increasing the possibility of undergoing a surgery, as stated by WebMD.

Different procedures can be used to reduce the severity of liver cancer depending on an individual's condition. Cryotherapy may be used in some cases to treat the condition. Radiation therapy can also be given to a patient but only with an experienced doctor because the liver has a poor tolerance for radiation.

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