How Do You Treat Leg Lymphadema?

How Do You Treat Leg Lymphadema?

An individual can treat lymphedema by wearing compression stockings, elevating the affected leg, exercising gently and eating properly, according to WebMD. The preferable method of treating lymphedema depends on its cause.

Swelling due to leg lymphedema can be minimized by the use of compression stockings or bandage wraps, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients should obtain professional help to find a compression stocking that fits properly. To bandage the leg, patients should ask for help from a lymphedema therapist or doctor. The bandage should be wrapped tightest around the toes and looser as it goes up the leg.

Elevating a leg swollen due to lymphedema can help in the process of lymph drainage, according to WebMD. An individual should rest the swollen leg on a comfortable surface, with the leg above the level of the heart, as often as possible.

Light exercise can improve lymph fluid drainage, according to Mayo Clinic. Exercises should be non-strenuous and focus on gentile contraction of the leg muscles. A compression garment or bandage should be worn when exercising the swollen leg.

Eating properly and taking good care of the body is beneficial in treating leg lymphedema, according to WebMD.

Other methods of treating lymphedema include pneumatic compression, manual lymph drainage massage and complete decongestive therapy, according to Mayo Clinic. Severe lymphedema may require surgery.