How Do You Treat Laryngitis?


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Most laryngitis clears up on its own after several days and does not require direct treatment, according to Patient.co.uk. However, drinking plenty of fluids and taking over-the-counter pain relievers can help to ease the symptoms of laryngitis, making those several days more comfortable. If the laryngitis endures beyond a few days, medical treatment may be necessary to determine if there is an additional underlying condition causing the illness.

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While waiting for the laryngitis to clear up, keeping the throat moist limits discomfort, according to Patient.co.uk. Stay hydrated throughout the day, particularly by drinking water. Hydration combats both throat discomfort and headaches that may arise from dehydration. Using a humidifier also keeps moisture on the throat. Pain-relieving medicine helps ease uncomfortable symptoms.

Medications are sometimes prescribed to fight the source of the laryngitis. Mayo Clinic explains that antibiotics are only rarely helpful; most sources of laryngitis are viral and do not respond to antibiotic treatment. However, some bacterial infections lead to laryngitis as well. Corticosteroids speed recovery of the larynx and are sometimes prescribed; however, this treatment is rarely given unless immediate recovery is essential, such as when a patient needs to regain her voice to perform her job. Chronic laryngitis often arises from other conditions, including smoking, alcohol abuse and heartburn. In these situations, treating the laryngitis requires addressing the source directly.

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