How Do You Treat Kidney Stones?


HowStuffWorks states that increasing fluid intake; cutting back on certain foods that contain high levels of oxalates and animal proteins; and reducing vitamin C intake are home remedies for passing kidney stones. According to WebMD, medical procedures such as lithotripsy or surgery also alleviate kidney stones. These actions may become necessary if the kidney stones cause intense pain, block the urinary tract or are recurrent.

HowStuffWorks recommends drinking a minimum of six to eight cups of water a day to treat kidney stones. Beverages free of caffeine and alcohol are also a secondary option for fluid intake. Avoid fruits and vegetables such as spinach, beets, nuts, parsley and strawberries while passing a kidney stone, along with other foods such as chocolate, peanuts, tea, rhubarb and wheat bran.

These foods cause the occurrence of calcium-oxalate stones, while animal proteins found in meat and certain fish such as mussels, sardines, fish roe, shrimp, anchovies and herring can cause uric acid stones, notes HowStuffWorks. Since the body converts vitamin C into oxalates, it is important to receive vitamin C in low doses from foods and not from high-dose supplements to prevent high doses that are dangerous for those who are prone to kidney stones.