How Do You Treat Kidney Pain?


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Kidney pain as a result of an infection is treatable with pain medication that contains acetaminophen or prescription pain medication prescribed by a medical professional, explains Mayo Clinic. Patients can reduce pain or pressure by placing a heating pad on the back, side or abdomen. People with kidney pain should drink plenty of fluids to flush bacteria out of the urinary tract, and avoid alcohol and coffee until the pain subsides or the infection has cleared.

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Kidney pain stemming from an infection requires medical treatment to clear the infection, explains WebMD. Physicians may recommend an antibiotic for approximately seven days to clear the infection, which ultimately reduces the pain. Patients with severe infections or pain may require intravenous medication.

Kidney pain resulting from an abscess, which is a pocket of infection, requires medical attention in order to drain the abscess, according to WebMD. Physicians or surgeons perform a nephrostomy, which is a procedure in which a tube is inserted into the kidney abscess through the skin on the patient's back to drain the bacteria and fluid causing the infection and pain. Kidney infections and kidney pain require a consultation with a medical physician to avoid the risk of kidney failure, which can be fatal.

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