How Do You Treat a Jock Itch Rash?


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Treat a jock itch rash, or tinea cruris, by applying antifungal creams to the area and washing the rash well with soap and water, advises WebMD. Someone with jock itch that does not resolve with a few weeks or that recurs regularly needs to contact a medical professional.

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Except for severe cases that may involve blistering, jock itch doesn't require any prescription medications, states WebMD. The person needs to keep the rash clean and dry and apply ointment to the area regularly. To prevent jock itch, the thighs and groin need to be kept clean and dry, necessitating a shower immediately after exercising. Because jock itch is a fungal condition that can grow in damp circumstances, all socks, workout clothes and towels require regular laundering and drying. The affected person should also wear shoes in communal showers to keep from spreading fungal infections to the feet. Athlete's foot, which can spread to the groin and cause jock itch, needs to be treated as well.

Jock itch is an infection related to ringworm that causes red, patchy rashes and possibly blisters on the skin around the thighs, buttocks and groin, explains WebMD. People with jock itch also experience itching and pain.

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