How Do You Treat Jock Itch?


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Jock itch can be treated using over-the-counter antifungal ointment, lotion, powder or spray on the affected area twice per day, according to Mayo Clinic. While the rash can clear quickly after treatment is started, the antifungal product should be used for 10 days to completely remove the fungal infection. If athlete's foot occurs at the same time as jock itch, both should be treated together to prevent recurrence.

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In some cases, a severe form of jock itch does not respond to over-the-counter treatments, according to Mayo Clinic. In this case, prescription-strength ointment, cream or pills is necessary. In most cases, jock itch can be easily diagnosed by simply looking at the rash. However, in some cases, a skin culture may be needed to confirm a diagnosis.

Mayo Clinic advises that once the jock itch is cleared, future outbreaks can be prevented by keeping the groin area dry, wearing clean clothes and staying cool to prevent excess sweating. Ensuring that clothing fits properly can also prevent rubbing and chafing of the skin that can lead to jock itch. Avoiding sharing personal items such as towels and clothing is also recommended. While risk factors such as obesity, excess sweating and an impaired immune system increase the chance of developing jock itch, by taking these preventative steps, one can minimize occurrences.

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