How Do You Treat Jammed Fingers?


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Jammed fingers are treated by applying ice to the finger, elevating the hand above heart level and immobilizing the finger. A splint is placed on the finger to keep it straight during the healing process. It needs to remain in the splint for six to eight weeks, states Drugs.com.

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The term jammed finger refers to an injury of the finger joints. The joint most often affected by this injury is the one formed by the first and second finger bones, also known as the proximal interphalangeal joint. A common cause for this injury is athletic activity involving ball-handling, notes MedicineNet.

After sustaining a jammed finger injury, the patient may not be able to move the finger properly, and it may be red, swollen and painful. An X-ray may be necessary to determine whether a bone is broken, explains Drugs.com.

The splint needs to be properly cared for as part of the healing process. It can be removed daily to wash the finger. Patients must not try to bend the tip of the finger when the splint is off, and it must be put back on as soon as possible. The splint should be in the same position when the new tape is applied. A numb or tingling finger is a sign that the tape is too tight and should be loosened, notes Drugs.com.

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