How Do You Treat Itchy Underarms?


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Depending on the cause of underarm itching, MD-Health.com recommends improving hygiene, wearing cotton clothes, avoiding hot and humid environments and replacing deodorants or laundry detergents that may be causing an allergic reaction. If the itching is caused by an infection, a doctor can prescribe a fungal treatment cream. Calamine lotion and hydrocortisone creams work well to treat itching that is caused by heat rash or miliaria rubra.

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MD-Health.com warns against scratching itchy underarms as this behavior can create skin lesions that may become infected. It is important to see a doctor to diagnose and treat underarm itching, especially in cases where the irritation does not subside after two weeks or is accompanied by broken skin. Oftentimes, itchy underarms are caused by excessive sweating and a buildup of dirt that occurs when people do not clean the area effectively. This is easy to remedy with better hygiene practices, such as bathing more frequently or using a mild antibiotic soap.

Yeast infections proliferate in moist areas and are not uncommon to the underarms for this reason. An overgrowth of yeast in the armpits must be treated with medicated topical ointments. Sweat glands in the underarms can become clogged through the use of deodorants and antiperspirants, creating an itchy rash and red bumps. It may help to try a product that uses natural ingredients with a roll-on applicator, says MD-Health.com.

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