How Do You Treat an Itchy Rash on Your Neck?

How Do You Treat an Itchy Rash on Your Neck?

An itchy rash on the neck can be treated by refraining from scratching the area, drinking a lot of water, taking a cold bath, getting a massage, and applying anti-bacterial lotions to the area, says MedGuidance. The treatment required is based on the cause of the rash.

The first tip in treating an itchy rash on the neck is not to scratch it. Scratching the area can worsen the situation by introducing germs to the deep layers of the skin. Furthermore, it may cause the spread of bacterial infections to unaffected areas of the skin, states MedGuidance.

Itchy rashes on the neck are commonly as a result of dryness of skin, explains MedGuidance. Therefore, a great way to remedy this ailment is to hydrate the skin. This is accomplished by drinking 2 liters of water each day, as suggested by MedGuidance.

Taking a 20-minute cold water bath at least twice a day in the hot summer causes skin cells to heal faster and soothe irritated skin, says MedGuidance. Heat is one of the causes of itchy rashes on the neck; therefore, cooling down the body could be an effective treatment.

Additionally, a massage after a day in the hot sun helps to relieve itchy rash on the skin as the natural oil replenishes the moisture in the body.

When the rash is a result of bacteria or fungus, it is best to use an anti-bacterial lotion. Also, MedGuidance highly recommends that you get medical assistance if you are diagnosed with severe skin conditions.