How Do You Treat Itchy Ears?


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Treatment for itchy ears includes baby oil to soften skin, antibiotic ointment to treat infection, steroid topical ointment to reduce inflammation and ear drops or a dilute solution of rubbing alcohol to ease swimmer's ear, states Healthline. To avoid exacerbating the condition, sufferers need their doctor's approval of a chosen treatment.

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How Do You Treat Itchy Ears?
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Ears have numerous neurological fibers that are sensitive to stimulation and frequently cause itching, either because a person is highly sensitive or because of underlying medical conditions, explains Healthline. The most common cause of itchy ears is dry skin when the ear does not produce enough earwax to lubricate its skin and it becomes dry, flaky and itchy.

Another cause is ear canal dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin in and around the ear such as with an allergic reaction to the metal in earrings, according to Healthline. With otitis media, the ear is infected and is painful and itchy. Hearing aid use also causes itchy ears when water trapped in the ears causes an allergic reaction or when the hearing aids are ill-fitted and cause pressure on some parts of the ear. Yet another cause is psoriasis, a skin condition that causes a red rash on the skin that can also spread to the ears and result in itching.

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