How Do You Treat Itching From a Chicken Pox Rash?


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Treatments for itching from a chicken pox rash include applying calamine lotion to the spots, antihistamine medications, and cool baths with baking soda and uncooked or colloidal oatmeal, according to Mayo Clinic. Colloidal oatmeal is oatmeal that has been ground very fine, specifically for soaking. Consult a doctor before giving antihistamine medications to children.

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When chicken pox sores appear in the mouth, a diet of soft and bland foods is helpful, notes Mayo Clinic. For mild fever, a patient can take medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Scratching can slow healing, cause scars and increase the risk of secondary infections. Since chicken pox is usually a childhood disease, it can be helpful to trim infected children's nails or make them wear gloves. Gloves can be particularly helpful during sleep.

Chicken pox is a viral disease that causes small bumps to appear on the skin, explains Mayo Clinic. It can range in severity from person to person. In the most severe cases, it can cover the whole body and spread to the throat and eyes, as well as to mucous membranes lining the anus, vagina and urethra. The disease has three stages and starts with the bumps, which develop into fluid-filled blisters that break and leak, and finally progress to crusted scabs before healing.

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