How Do You Treat an Intestinal Hernia?


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An intestinal hernia is treated surgically, according to Healthline. Though intestinal hernias can be treated nonsurgically, many doctors believe the best way to treat them is through surgery, as these hernias only grow and become more uncomfortable with the passage of time.

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Surgery for a hernia can be open or laparoscopic, states Healthline. In open surgery, the patient is placed under general or local anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the patient's abdomen, frees the hernia from the tissues around it, and then puts it back in its proper place in the abdominal cavity. The incision is then sutured. Sometimes, the surgeon installs mesh to give extra support to the abdominal muscles.

If the hernia is small, the surgeon may opt for laparoscopic surgery, explains Healthline. In this case, the surgeon uses miniaturized surgical tools to replace the hernia. This leaves the patient with much smaller scars than with open surgery. The patient's recovery time is also shorter, and he can return to his normal activities within a matter of days as opposed to as much as six weeks with open surgery. Hernia surgery is proven to be very effective. Fewer than three out of 100 patients see a return of their hernia after surgery.

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