How Do You Treat Inner Ear Vertigo?


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According to WebMD, nausea or motion-sickness medications can be used to treat inner-ear vertigo. The canalith repositioning maneuvers allow calcium deposits to break free and relieve the discomfort caused by vertigo in some patients.

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How Do You Treat Inner Ear Vertigo?
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For those that suffer from recurrent episodes of vertigo, physical therapy for vestibular rehabilitation can be prescribed. In extreme cases of vertigo, surgery is another option of treatment. Vertigo is defined by WebMD as an inner-ear problem that is caused by the build-up of fluid or change of pressure in the ear. It can also be caused by calcium particles that are stuck in the ear canal, also known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. WebMD lists inflammation in the ear caused by viral infections, neck injuries, migraine headaches, tumors in the brain or certain medications can also cause vertigo. Sufferers complain of feeling dizzy, unbalanced, tilting and as if they are being pulled in one direction. WebMD also adds nausea, jerky eye movements, headaches, ringing in the hears or hearing loss and sweating as other symptoms that are associated with vertigo. WebMD offers home remedies such as the Epley, the Semont or the half somersault maneuvers to relieve inner ear vertigo pain. Performing these maneuvers several times with 15-minute intervals is recommended.

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