How Do You Treat an Inner Ear Imbalance?


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Physicians generally treat imbalance related to inner ear problems through medications, surgery, home exercises or dietary and lifestyle changes, according to Healthline. Individuals with Meniere's disease may have to undergo a surgical procedure on the vestibular system, which comprises the inner ear and causes imbalance.

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How Do You Treat an Inner Ear Imbalance?
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Physicians may address the underlying cause to correct balance problems, notes Healthline. They examine the types of medications a person is taking and recommend other medications or change the dosage. Prescription antibiotics are often necessary to treat a bacterial infection if balance problems result from an ear infection. Individuals who experience nausea may receive antinausea medications. Those who suffer dizziness may also receive tiny doses of corticosteroids behind the eardrum.

The Epley maneuver is a home technique that can help control vertigo, and it involves sitting up, lying on the back, pointing the head to the side and resuming a sitting position after two minutes, explains Healthline. Doctors may suggest starting a regular exercise regimen; reducing caffeine, alcohol and salt intake; maintaining a balanced diet; and avoiding smoking.

For balance problems with unknown causes, it is important to avoid getting injured by not driving; using a cane or installing handrails at home; or seeking assistance while doing risky activities, such as climbing stairs, states Healthline. Balance problems caused by ear infections are often temporary and resolve with proper treatment.

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