How Do You Treat Ingrown Hair With Home Remedies?

Ingrown hairs can be treated with home remedies that include lifting the hair by looping a sterile needle under the embedded hair in the skin, according to Mayo Clinic. Washing the affected areas with a soft-bristled toothbrush or washcloth in a circular motion may also help release ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs can also be treated with natural exfoliators, according to Apply a mixture of salt and water to gently help the skin push out the embedded hair. A natural sugar scrub also exfoliates the skin and helps push out ingrown hairs. Simply rub it gently on the affected areas with a washcloth.

If exfoliating does not push out hard-to-remove ingrown hairs, use tweezers designed for removing ingrown hairs to grab onto the hair and remove it, according to Sanitize tweezers with alcohol prior to plucking to avoid infection.

A homemade mask may also help to work out ingrown hairs through exfoliation, according to For example, facial masks that include crushed aspirin tablets help to reduce redness and ward off bumps on the skin because of the salicylic acid included in the medication. The mask removes dead skin cells, which allows ingrown hairs to release from the skin.