How Do You Treat Influenza Type B?


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According to RightDiagnosis, treat type B influenza by taking anti-viral medications to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms, get plenty of bed rest and maintain a high fluid intake. Patients may also treat the flu without medication; Flu.gov recommends using a humidifier, gargling salt water and covering up with a warm blanket to treat the virus.

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Type A and B flu viruses both occur in humans. While type B can be harmful, WebMD states that it does not cause pandemics like type A, which also typically manifests with more severe symptoms. Because flu viruses mutate and change, it is crucial to get the updated flu vaccine every year to maintain immunity.

Flu.gov does not recommend taking antibiotics to treat flu symptoms, which are not caused by bacteria. Instead, take over-the-counter medications to reduce fever and increase comfort. If necessary, obtain a prescription for anti-viral medications like Tamiflu, Relenza, Symmetrel and Flumadine. Of these four, only Tamiflu is approved to treat children under 1 year of age and can be used to treat children from 2 weeks old and up. For best results, take anti-viral medication within the first two days of symptoms. They prevent symptoms from worsening and decrease the duration of the illness.

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