How Do You Treat an Infected Pimple?

To treat an infected pimple, take oral antibiotics that reduce inflammation and control the growth of bacteria, reports WebMD. Prescription-strength ointments, isotretinoin and spironolactone may also treat an infected pimple.

Dermatologists prescribe oral antibiotics to control the spread of bacteria that cause infected pimples, explains WebMD. However, some patients do not respond to oral antibiotics or the antibiotics do not work as well after a while.

Infected acne in women may be a result of hormonal changes brought on by menstruation, menopause or a condition known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, reports WebMD. For such women, birth control pills can regulate their hormones and reduce instances of infected pimples.

Dermatologists can prescribe topical ointments such as lotions, gels and creams that contain retinoid, states WebMD. This is a form of vitamin A that unplugs the pores on the skin and helps antibiotics do their job. Dermatologists may also prescribe isotretinoin to treat the acne infection. Patients may have to take this pill once to twice a day for five months for their skin to become completely free of acne infections.

Spironolactone is a drug that helps patients get rid of excess water, but it also works as a hormone blocker that patients can take to treat infected pimples, states WebMD.