How Do You Treat Impetigo?


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For mild cases of impetigo, doctors prescribe a topical antibiotic cream, according to WebMD. For more severe cases, the patient may require oral antibiotics to treat the infection, explains MedicineNet.

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Impetigo treatment depends on the type of bacteria responsible for the infection and the severity of the symptoms, reports Healthline. If the case is mild, doctors recommend proper hygiene, removing the crust and applying prescription antibiotics to treat impetigo, notes MedicineNet. These measures help the skin to heal and prevent the spread of the infection.

Doctors prescribe mupirocin, an antibiotic ointment, to treat impetigo, explains MedicineNet. Patients must clean the area properly before applying the ointment so that the cream penetrates the sores, notes Healthline.

For severe impetigo, treatment depends on laboratory exam results, according to MedicineNet. They use results from the bacterial culture test to determine the best oral antibiotic therapy to prescribe the patient. Effective antibiotics include cephalosporins and penicillin derivatives such as amoxicillin. If the results of the laboratory tests indicate that the patient has a drug-resistant strain of the staph bacteria, the doctor may prescribe clindamycin. Doctors advise to take the entire dose of antibiotics to prevent the recurrence of impetigo or antibiotics resistance, reports Healthline.

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