How Do You Treat Iliotibial Band Syndrome?


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The initial treatment for iliotibial band syndrome includes rest, ice, compression and elevation, according to MedicineNet. Medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen are sometimes used to reduce inflammation, and physical therapy is indicated when first-line treatments fail to work. This may involve the use of therapeutic ultrasound, phonophoresis and iontophoresis.

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Physical therapy is also aimed at finding the underlying cause of the condition, such as a problem with muscle strength, balance, flexibility and gait, explains MedicineNet. Patients with iliotibial band syndrome who are found to have gait abnormalities may benefit from the use of orthotics. Surgery is indicated for individuals who do not find relief from physical therapy. Arthroscopy is a procedure that is used to find and cut away areas of inflammation surrounding the iliotibial joint. Another technique involves the removal of a portion of the iliotibial band, which provides it with more sliding room across the bone.

Iliotibial band syndrome is an injury of the tissues located in the outer part of the thigh and knee, states MedicineNet. Symptoms include pain and tenderness above the knee joint. Patients who do not seek prompt treatment may eventually experience a decreased range of motion, increased pain and decreased activity of the affected area.

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