How Do You Treat Hypertension?


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Common ways of treating hypertension include eating healthily, quitting smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, losing weight and exercising, according to WebMD. Reducing sodium intake, avoiding stress and cutting back on caffeine are other common ways, notes Mayo Clinic.

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How Do You Treat Hypertension?
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Hypertension, also called high blood pressure, is a condition in which blood pressure remains abnormally high. This makes the heart work harder than normal to pump blood to all parts of the body, contributing to stroke, heart failure and hardening of the arteries. A normal systolic and diastolic blood pressure is below 120 and 80 respectively, according WebMD. Hypertension increases with weight gain, and that is why exercising regularly to lose weight and maintain fineness through activities such as swimming, cycling, dancing, and jogging is essential, explains Mayo Clinic.

Patients with hypertension should eat fruits, whole grains and vegetables, and they should limit sodium and caffeine intake as well as saturated fats and cholesterol. Fats and cholesterol narrow the arteries, too much sodium intake makes the body retain fluid, and caffeine inhibits the hormone responsible for keeping arteries open and also makes the body produce more adrenaline. All these effects contribute to hypertension, states Mayo Clinic.

It is advisable for individuals experiencing hypertension to try to avoid stress. It is also important to avoid relieving stress by smoking, drinking alcohol or eating unhealthily, since these factors further increase blood pressure, notes Mayo Clinic.

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