How Do You Treat Household Cockroach Bites?

Individuals who are bitten by a household cockroach, which is an insect, should treat the bite area by washing with water and soap and placing an ice pack or cold compress on the bite for at least 10 minutes to reduce swelling and pain, suggests Healthline. The bite should be treated with a paste of baking soda and water, calamine lotion or an antihistamine cream several times each day to reduce pain and itching.

People who exhibit symptoms of an allergic reaction following a cockroach bite should seek immediate medical attention and use an epinephrine injector, warns Healthline. Epinephrine improves breathing and swelling while stimulating the heart and raising the blood pressure to counteract the allergic reaction.

Insect and cockroach bites affect people differently, but commonly produce symptoms such as itching at the bite site, minor swelling, redness and pain, according to Healthline. People with severe allergies to cockroaches may break out in hives; have difficulty breathing; and experience swelling of the throat, lips or face. Abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting are also signs of an allergic reaction following an insect or cockroach bite. Cockroach bites affect people differently as the venom or protein is transferred into the skin, ultimately causing a mild or severe reaction.