How Do You Treat High Creatinine Levels?


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Since high creatinine levels are a result of kidney disease, treating the kidney disease lowers creatinine levels, states WebMD. The most common causes of kidney disease are high blood pressure and diabetes. Medications, exercise and strict diets are the main treatment options for kidney disease.

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Creatinine is the waste product of standard muscle tissue breakdown, according to WebMD. Kidneys filter creatinine and release the substance in urine. High levels of creatinine are usually due to kidney failure or a decline in kidney functions caused by age. The process of muscle breakdown continuously produces creatinine. The kidneys filter creatinine in the blood and release the substance in urine with almost no reabsorption. Doctors measure the levels of creatinine and kidney function by testing the blood creatinine levels or by determining the amount of creatinine released in urine over a 24-hour period.

Doctors treat patients with high levels of creatinine by designing an action plan to combat kidney failure, explains WebMD. Patients can control kidney failure due to high blood pressure or diabetes through an improved diet, exercise and medication. If the kidney failure is due to other complications, doctors must test the patient further to correctly diagnose the disorder. Doctors can test blood creatinine levels or creatinine clearance to monitor kidney function and adjust medications accordingly.

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