How Do You Treat Heat Rash in Adults?


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Allowing the skin to cool is often the only treatment necessary to alleviate heat rash in adults, according to Mayo Clinic. Using a mild soap to wash the affected site and then rinsing and gently drying the area is also helpful, states eMedicineHealth.

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How Do You Treat Heat Rash in Adults?
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In more severe cases of heat rash, calamine lotion helps soothe itching, advises Mayo Clinic. Applying anhydrous lanolin may prevent duct blockages and the formation of additional lesions. In extreme cases, topical steroids provide relief.

Wearing loose, lightweight clothing that wicks moisture away from the skin helps keep the skin cool and allows the heat rash to dissipate, notes Mayo Clinic. Remaining in a cool environment is helpful as well. Adults with heat rash should avoid using oil-based creams or ointments that further block the sweat glands, maintains WebMD.

If the heat rash does not resolve within a few days or lesions break open and become infected, the individual may require medical attention, advises WebMD. Individuals who develop fever or other symptoms may need medical care as well. Allergic reactions to medications may cause heat rash or a similar rash, so individuals with heat rash who have recently begun taking a new medication should consult with a doctor.

Avoiding sweating often prevents the development of heat rash, says WebMD. Staying in an air-conditioned environment; avoiding strenuous activity on hot days; wearing loose, breathable clothing; taking cool showers; and remaining hydrated help prevent heat rash.

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