How Do You Treat Head Lice at Home?

How Do You Treat Head Lice at Home?

How Do You Treat Head Lice at Home?

To treat head lice at home, special shampoo can be purchasedat most retail stores. Medication can also be obtained from a doctor, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

When treating the person, any clothing that may be stained should be removed. A dry towel can also be draped over the person's shoulders.

  1. Apply the shampoo or medicine
  2. The first step is applying the shampoo or medicine as directed on the box or container. It often requires complete saturation of hair. It also specifies how long the product should be left on the hair.

  3. Rinse the hair
  4. After the product is left on the hair for the specified amount of time, it should be rinsed out thoroughly.

  5. Comb out lice and eggs
  6. While the hair is wet or damp, a nit or lice comb should be usedto comb out any remaining live lice or eggs.

  7. Recheck the head
  8. After treatment and removal of live lice, the person affected should have their head checked every 2 to 3 days. If lice are still present, treatment is needed again.

  9. Treating the home
  10. Along with treating the hair, the home should also be treated. This consists of washing all bedding and linens. Beds and items that cannot be washed can be sprayed with an over-the-counter lice killing product.