How Do You Treat a Hamstring Tear?


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Treatment of a hamstring tear involves home care measures including resting the leg, icing the leg, compressing the leg using a bandage, raising the leg when lying or sitting down, using anti-inflammatory medications and practicing strengthening and stretching exercises, notes WebMD. In cases where the muscle is tone, a person needs a surgery to repair and reattach it.

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During treatment, a person should avoid strenuous activities that may slow down the healing process. Using crutches to walk helps to avoid exacting full weight on the injured leg. Compressing the leg using a bandage helps to reduce swelling. Anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, helps to ease inflammation and pain. When the condition starts getting well, a physical therapy is necessary to enhance flexibility and strengthen the hamstring muscles, notes Mayo Clinic.

A hamstring is a group of four muscles along the back of the thigh, which allows for bending of the knee. A hamstring tear occurs when one of these muscles become overworked. This commonly happens in athletes and people who indulge in excess running and jumping. People with weak glutes and those who don't warm up before an exercise are likely to have a hamstring strain. Possible symptoms include tenderness, pain at the thigh, bruising and sudden pain during exercises.

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