How Do You Treat Granuloma Annulare?


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Treatment options for granuloma annulare include corticosteroid cream, corticosteroid injections, liquid nitrogen treatment, light therapy and oral medications, according to Mayo Clinic. Treatment is generally not necessary, however, as most lesions disappear on their own.

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Corticosteroid creams may help clear up the skin lesions of granuloma annulare. After applying the cream to the affected area, covering it with bandages can increase the efficacy of this treatment, suggests Mayo Clinic. For thicker lesions, corticosteroid injections may be more effective. Other ways of facilitating removal of the skin lesions include freezing them with liquid nitrogen or utilizing light or laser treatments. More severe or widespread cases of granuloma annulare may call for immunosuppressive drugs.

Granuloma annulare is most prevalent in children and young adults, and incidence rates are slightly higher in females, says MedlinePlus. Granuloma annulare usually appears as a rash with a ring of tiny bumps on the skin. The rash is most commonly located on the backs of the forearms, hands and feet, though it may also occur elsewhere on the body. A health care professional can verify the condition with a skin scraping test or a skin biopsy. As granuloma annulare tends to be asymptomatic and harmless, doctors generally only suggest treatment for cosmetic purposes. Most cases resolve themselves within two years.

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