How Do You Treat Foot Ulcers?


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Treatment of foot ulcers includes debridement, application of a dressing and doctor-prescribed footwear. Debridement is a process in which a doctor trims away diseased tissue and any calloused tissue surrounding the affected area, explains Drugs.com. Foot ulcers that are more serious and do not respond to conservative treatment may require surgery. This surgery consists of opening the blocked arteries with angioplasty.

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Frequent visits to the doctor are needed so that the area is continuously examined and debrided, says Drugs.com. Nurses may also need to make home visits in order to change the dressing once a week. Foot ulcer treatment has the potential to last weeks or months, and the visits continue until the ulcer is fully healed. In addition, if a doctor notices the possibility of an infection, antibiotics may be prescribed.

Specialized footwear for people suffering from foot ulcers include casts or loosely fitting postoperative walking shoes that are worn over a bandage. This helps relieve pressure from the affected area. Additionally, once the ulcer is healed, a doctor recommends wearing shoes that are loose fitting, well cushioned and do not apply pressure to vulnerable areas of the foot. This has the potential to prevent further foot ulcer issues, explains Drugs.com.

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